Some may argue that scooters aren't real motorcycles. It's certainly true that horses aren't motorcycles. But none of that matters when it comes to riders helping other riders. This video captures the unlikely team of a scooter rider and a horseback rider working together to catch her runaway horse.

The video begins as the anonymous rider is just putting along, minding his own business. He passes a woman in a yellow jacket running down a footpath. He pulls over to the path. Although the reason for this is not immediately obvious, you can hear the distinctive clop-clop of a running horse pass by. Unless you understand Dutch, what the riders say to each other isn't clear, but soon, the horseback rider hops on the back of the scooter and they set off in hot pursuit of the runaway horse.

They break a few traffic laws during the chase, such as riding down the footpath, but this is justified in light of the greater danger the horse is posing to traffic on the road as well as to itself. Soon, the scooter pulls the classic "We'll head them off at the pass" maneuver from old west movies. Unfortunately, the horse easily goes around them, and the chase resumes. This happens a couple more times until a daring capture while in motion. The scooter catches up to the horse once again and rides alongside while the horseback rider grabs the reins. Together, they slowly bring the horse to a stop.

This video first appeared in March, but it's recently started making the rounds again with over 3 million views. It just goes to show how real riders transcend petty discussions about who's a real rider and who isn't, regardless of what we ride. It also demonstrates how we help each other out in times of need.

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