The great thing about off-road riding is that it’s accessible to riders of all ages, sizes, and experience levels. For young riders, it’s an opportunity to get started, to practice their balance, to develop their passion for motorcycles early on, and, as Kawasaki puts it, “to build future champions”. There are no age restrictions to get on dirtbikes (provided the two-wheel activities take place on a private lot and not out on the street of course) which is a fantastic way for kids to catch the riding bug. You won’t need a shot against this one, it’s the good kind of bug.    

To help get more kids started on bikes, Kawasaki confirmed which KX models are returning to its miniature motocross lineup for 2021. Here’s a look at the first three motocross available this summer.   

Alongside the bigger KLX140R/140R L and KLX230R, the Kawasaki KX65, 85, and 100 are also back in the 2021 lineup.   

The little KX65, Kawasaki’s smallest bike, starts things off with its tiny 65cc two-stroke single. The lightweight chassis is mounted on a 33mm adjustable fork and Uni-Trak single shock with adjustable rebound and preload. The 65 weighs in at a small 132 pounds and seat height measures 29.9 inches.   

2021 Kawasaki KX65
2021 Kawasaki KX65
2021 Kawasaki KX85
2021 Kawasaki KX85

The KX85 follows in the rank with 84cc and the KIPS power valve system that helps create a wide powerband, according to Kawasaki. The 85's seat stands at 32.7 inches and the bike weighs in at 165 pounds.

Finally, the KX100 is Team Green’s biggest kid option and the first step towards a full-size bike. It uses a 99cc thumper and stands tall with a seat height of 34.3 inches. 

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  All three KX are available starting now and the price range is broken down as such:  

  • 2021 Kawasaki KX65: $3,749  
  • 2021 Kawasaki KX85: $4,399  
  • 2021 Kawasaki KX100: $4,649  

They are on the expensive side compared, for instance, to the bigger KLX, but keep in mind that the KX are competition-ready motocrosses.

As for the full-size KX250 and 450, neither has been confirmed for 2021 yet which could suggest that they’re part of the new models the manufacturer plans to unveil on July 7, 2020. To be followed. 

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