Royal Enfield’s Interceptor 650 is the perfect example of an all-around motorcycle. Never mind that it’s made in India, this machine has the best qualities of the UJM: reasonable pricesensible riding position, competent engine, and it’s not loaded with accessories that drive up the price. No worries, though—if you want to add some farkles to your new Enfield, Kappa is here to help. Italy-based Kappa just announced a range of accessories to transform your Interceptor into much more capable mile-eater 

For starters, there’s a selection of windscreens, which makes an old-school naked bike like the Interceptor much easier to live with for longer mileage trips. In addition, Kappa developed an aft-mounted luggage rack similar to the behind-the-seat racks common on 80s-era UJMsThe rear rack is designed to work with mounting plates for the Monolock top case system, giving you quick-detach convenience. 

Kappa also offers a set of side racks designed to mount Monokey panniers. You could probably also use them as mounting points for soft throw-over saddlebags, but Kappa recommends against that. Considering the irritation of ill-fitting saddlebags, a set of side racks would be a welcome upgrade for most people considering serious touring. 

Finally, Kappa released an engine crash bar for the Interceptor. It’s nothing fancy, just a steel hoop, but it will save your engine in a tip-over, and also gives it a very period-authentic look. You could add highway pegs or maybe even auxiliary lights here, but that might be a bit silly-looking. 

Check out Kappa’s website for more details. As Europe’s moto-industry is just starting to reboot after the coronavirus pandemic, you have to wait a while for some of these accessories, especially if you’re ordering overseas. 

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