Vehicle manufacturers often veer off into the three-wheeled wilds, with varying results. From classics like Piaggio Apes and tuk-tuks to more modern takes like the Arcimoto FUVit’s a form factor that has long fascinated, even if it hasn’t ever been quite as big a global presence as two-wheeled motorbikes.  

Tilting three-wheelers, by contrast, are relatively new developments. There’s the Yamaha Niken, introduced in 2019. There’s also the Tilting Motor Works trike conversion kitNow a new electric challenger is rising to the challenge, and it is the Ako trike from Vilnius, Lithuania. 

At this point, I must caution you that the company is currently at the stage of developing its second prototype, so it’s still pretty early in development. That means details are fairly scant, and will likely change anyway if and when this vehicle does make it to market. Things like pricing and availability are also considerations that are extremely far-off. 

Gallery: AKO Trike

Anyway, according to Ako, this two-seater will have a 30-degree lean angle, which will allow it to lean and steer through corners more like a two-wheeled motorcycle. It’s unclear how much (if any) of an advantage that riders will find that this has over either a car or a bike, but it’s a definite point of differentiation from other leaning three-wheelers in that it simultaneously allows side-by-side seating. 

Claimed range is over 300 kilometers on a single charge, or just over 186 miles. The motor is said to output up to 200kW of power, and comes equipped with a 26kWh battery pack. The final vehicle will offer DC fast charge, but no figures are available about charging times just yet. That’s perfectly understandable, given how early in development this project still is. Ako adds that the finished Trike will come with both front and side airbags, as well as four-point seat belts.  

At this point, most of what we have available is designs and renders, as well as some videos of prototypes 1 and 2 in action in the real world. What do you think? Does the Ako Trike look like something you’d try if you could? Why or why not?  

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