They've surely helped speed up delivery times for food service establishments.

Indeed the pandemic that is COVID-19 has changed what we would consider as normal. We’ve been under one form of lockdown or another for nearly three months now—that’s a quarter of a year, and for some countries, the pandemic shows no sign of slowing down. Luckily however, technology has aided us in coping with the difficulties this rather strange time has presented to us. With dozens of platforms designed for virtual communication, people can conduct business as usual through various video conferencing applications. Additionally, food delivery services have mostly gone online, making it easier for us to order our favorite meals from the comfort and safety of our homes. 

One UK company focused on a greener future, has taken it upon itself to help the food delivery sector in the UK. GreenMo UK, an electric motorcycle fleet and rental provider is helping some of England’s most loved food and restaurant chains fulfill deliveries across major cities. Donating several machines to Waltham Forest food bank, GreenMo UK provides emission-free, lightweight mobility for delivery personnel, enabling them to fulfill orders much more quickly while adhering to government policies on social distancing. 

Since opening its doors in 2018, GreenMo UK has been one of the leading electric scooter/ moped providers for several popular food service establishments such as Deliveroo, Papa Johns, and Paack. The COVID19 situation has given them much opportunity for growth as citizens were given no choice but to swap eating out in restaurants for takeout and delivery orders instead. To aid with the increased demand in the UK, GreenMo has flown in additional staff and equipment from its sister company based in The Netherlands to its central London office.


As of this writing, GreenMo has donated three mopeds and two e-bikes to Waltham Forest food bank in light of the crisis. This is indeed very relevant as companies that used to rely on delivery vans for fulfilling deliveries are now making the shift to two-wheelers in order to maximize efficiency and speed of service. 

Richard Jordan, Director of GreenMo UK said, “We are seeing an all-time high in terms of enquiries and are working hard to provide vehicles to riders and fleets, and keep them on the road, so that they can in turn deliver the provisions that people so desperately need. We’re very proud to be supporting Waltham Forest. If any other charities or food banks need our help, we’re here and will do everything we can.”

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