The world of motorsports is undoubtedly filled with colorful personalities and tons of character. From famed MotoGP racers with unique hobbies and rich history of racing prior to going pro, to Isle Of Man TT racers offering a glimpse into their personal lives, each category of motorcycle racing has its own stories to tell. However, today, YouTube has brought to our attention a rather old, but cool video featuring professional motocross racer, Dean Wilson. Posted in 2018, the video shows a rather popular gimmick in the world of extreme sports. For those who don't know him, a quick visit to his Facebook page tells a lot about this pro racer. For starters, he's currently sponsored by quite a number of top notch brands in the powersports, and more specifically, motocross scene, such as Rockstar, AGL, Ignite, O'Neal, and Husqvarna. He was also the 2011 250 Class Motocross Series Champion. Apart from being a totally rad motocross rider, he also posts a lot of cool videos and stories on social media. 

This video shows Dean Wilson dressed up as an eighty year old grandpa named 'Grandpa Earl,' who takes his grandson to the raceway to prank other motocross racers. Done up in some pretty amazing makeup, similar to the stuff they use on actors to make them look several years older, Dean Wilson was slowly transformed into Grandpa Earl. Upon arriving to the raceway, Granpa Earl, sticking out like a sore thumb, walks around with Colton Hannay posing as his grandson in tow, admiring the bikes and the skills of the various riders present. 

Moments later, he's seen shredding the track and landing huge jumps much to the amazement of the bystanders and fellow racers on the track. As he hops aboard his Husqvarna race bike, he's met with mixed reactions from people trying to stop him, to folks applauding simply how rad of a grandpa he is. Whether or not he reveals himself to the other riders isn't shown in the video. Nonetheless, I'm sure it made for a really interesting day at the race track. 

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