The electric motorcycle industry has provided us with electric bikes for nearly all categories of motorcycling. In its early days, over a decade ago, electric motorcycles were predominantly in the form of scooters and other small city runabouts. After this the world suddenly saw a surge in electric motorcycles—from dual-sports to sportbikes, and everything in between. 

For 2021, Belgian electric motorcycle manufacturer, Trevor Motorcycles, is releasing an all electric flat tracker dubbed the Trevor FTR Stella. Bearing a similar namesake as the now extremely popular Indian FTR 1200, the Trevor FTR Stella features similar ergonomics as well as some design cues that make it unmistakably a flat tracker. 

The Trevor FTR Stella will come in two colorways, either Ice White or Mighty Black. Its technology is pretty high up there too. Featuring a molybdenum trellis frame, a swappable 2.6kWh battery pack, and extremely lightweight at just 165 lbs, the Trevor FTR Stella will surely prove to be a very capable machine. Although not having such a high top speed, at just 50 miles per hour, the Trevor FTR Stella produces a whopping 110 ft-lbs of torque. Imagine what the power delivery must feel like. 


Adding to the list of nifty design features is the faux tank. Apart from giving the Trevor FTR Stella a timeless flat tracker look, the tank doubles as storage space large enough to fit a spare battery. Design aside, the FTR also features Öhlins STX front and rear suspension, Excel rims wrapped in Dunlop DT3 flat track specific tires, and a two year mechanical warranty. 

One thing that’s bound to leave a sting, however, is the price. Unsurprisingly the chart-topping technology this bike features is bound to bump up the price. However, a base price of $14,495 is still pretty steep, especially for a machine so niche. Nonetheless, the Trevor FTR Stella presents itself as a glimpse into the future of flat track bikes and possibly even flat track racing itself. Hopefully, as time goes by and technology becomes cheaper to produce, bikes of similar spec to the Trevor FTR Stella would become more accessible to the masses. 

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