Horizons Unlimited, one of the world’s most helpful moto-travel organizations, has a message for stuck-at-home overlanders: When you can’t get to Horizons Unlimited, Horizons Unlimited will come to you. Unable to run their traveler gatherings as normal, Horizons Unlimited is sharing its wealth of information on Vimeo. 

For 20 years now, Horizons Unlimited has been organizing meet-ups for world travelers, with a major focus on the motorcycle community. The meetings started as a spin-off from a newsletter started by globetrotting Canadians Grant and Susan JohnsonIt was a simple formula that still works. Meetings have no-nonsense presentations on travelers’ concerns (documentation, shipping your bike, healthcare) and technical questions (bike set-up, tire changing). After the day’s presentations, there's a big emphasis on campfire camaraderie. 

The first meeting was in the UK, but the gatherings have spread far and wide over the past two decades. This year, there were events planned in 16 countries on five continents. 

Of course, COVID-19 has hit those plans hard. With national borders closed down, overland travelers are staying home. Since Horizons Unlimited can’t run its meetings in personthe Johnsons have come up with a new way to preach the overland gospel: they’re live-streaming the Achievable Dream Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide video series on Vimeo. 

The Achievable Dream series has a lot of the same sensible information as you’d get at a Horizons Unlimited meeting. It’s a series of interviews with experienced riders sharing their opinion on trip planning questionsWhat bike should I get? What luggage should I use? Do I need insurance? There’s one video devoted entirely to the dark art of tire changing, and another is aimed at issues specific to women (and it might be the most entertaining of the series). 

For the next 15 weeks, Horizons Unlimited will stream one chapter of the series for free, switching up the chapter every week. Normally, you’d have to pay $80 US for the DVD set, but Horizons Unlimited has also taken 50 percent off the price tag for the next 15 weeks. If you like what you see on Vimeo, you can buy the rest of the series at a good price. More details and discount codes at the Horizons Unlimited Bulletin Board (HUBB). 

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