If you just want to hop on your bike and clear your head right now, you’re definitely not alone. Since a lot of us are spending quality time inside right now, here’s a nice little escape video on a 2017 KTM 250 EXC-F dirt bike to live vicariously through, and also maybe use as inspiration for your next adventure.  

Times are rough right now, but rough roads are nothing a skilled dirt bike rider can’t get over. The FIM and many people are encouraging motorcyclists to stay parked right now so we don’t potentially add to our already overburdened healthcare systems around the world, but it doesn’t mean you can’t plan for when this is all over.  

Delayed gratification is supposed to be the sweetest, right? Hitting the dirt for that first ride of the year is special, no matter when it is. On some years, despite living in Chicago, I’ve been lucky enough to go out shortly after the New Year. This year wasn’t one of those years, but that first ride of the season always sticks with you.  

There might be snow on the ground in spots, as in this video. You might go with a buddy, or you might choose to ride by yourself. The sights, sounds, smells, and feeling of slipping back into the saddle after a long break just can’t be replicated or overstated.  

Some of us have been through extended breaks from riding before due to injury or other life circumstances. For me, it’s always made me appreciate every day I get back on the bike just a little bit more than I did before. I’m reasonably sure that’s how this extended break is going to go, as well. As I’ve alluded to in other pieces, having a bike project to focus on also helps immensely.  

If you’re working on a bike project right now, what is it? Also, what kind of riding plans do you have when things calm down again? One thing I find myself thinking about a lot lately is how important it is not to put things off. Every good day is a gift, and good rides are definitely part of that. 

Source: YouTube 

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