There’s a certain kind of combined fascination and frustration that comes with fixing stuff yourself. Motorcycling seems to attract a lot of people who feel this curious mixture of things in their bones. While we’re all on lockdown, assuming you’re in a position to do so, what better time could there be to dive headfirst into the restoration project of your dreams? 

Youtuber Tahitian Rider likes to take on restoration projects in general, but this time, he’s rescuing our very own Enrico’s dream classic bike from the brink. It’s a 1978 Honda CB750 Four, and TR says it came from a junkyard. There’s no mention of the price he paid for it, but for a bike that hasn’t been ridden in 20 or 30 years, it doesn’t look completely irredeemable. Maybe my bar is extra high after seeing some of the horrors out of Director Jason’s Small Bike Rescue archives, though.  

Sure enough, TR dives into the work with aplomb, and it’s instantly soothing. A quick wash reveals a 40-plus-year-old bike that honestly doesn’t look awful for its age. This particular brand of retro styling may of course be divisive, but that’s the story of motorcycle design from day one. You say potato, I say tomato.

Watching TR do both an engine top-end and clutch rebuild on this CB750 is satisfying, as little by little, he starts to turn back the clock on this classic. New gaskets, filters, spark plugs, battery, Nissin master cylinders, and other assorted bits all come into play. Yes, it’s a time-lapse, but even so, he uses his time incredibly well to tell part one of this rebuild story in just under 15 minutes. 

There’s more restoration to come, including cosmetic bits. Although TR does a lot of café racer and brat builds, it looks as though he’s leaving this one pretty intact. The second part of this restoration will include unspecified cosmetic work, though, so we’ll have to all tune in to the next segment to see what becomes of this charming little CB750 Four.  

Source: YouTube 

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