Have you ever started a project with the sort of single-minded determination and focus that borders on frightening? You know, the type of thing where your friends and loved ones try to dissuade you from moving forward, or maybe even suggest that you work on something else instead because it seems hopeless?  

That, my friends, is exactly the most amazing kind of project you can undertake, provided that you manage to pull it off. Not everyone can, should, or probably even wants to put in the kind of work required to pull truly lost cause motorbikes back from the brink. Yet it’s an amazing challenge if you have the time and patience for it, as well as some cash for spares. That’s exactly what happens with this old, unloved Vespa Super that dates from some time in the 1970s, according to YouTuber Live With Creativity. 

When we first see it, this Vespa is definitely looking not-so-Super. Did it get dredged out of the bottom of a lake? You might think so as you watch the time-lapse of this guy as he delves deep inside the engine. Beyond the rust and dirt on the outside, there’s mud and grime and who knows what else inside every single nook and cranny of this scoot 

It might be because it’s so far beyond what most people would want to restore that the end results are so satisfying, though. It’s comforting to see someone bring order from chaos, and the more chaotic the situation, the more comforting a lovingly restored project can be. LWC said this entire project took two months, but even so, it’s A LOT of work that he did. The bodywork had plenty of rust, and needed a whole lot of work to bring back to looking like anything halfway decent.  

If you enjoy this overview, there’s a more in-depth series on LWC’s YouTube channel about the rebuild of this bike. It takes a much deeper look at each of the steps LWC took in restoring it, expanding on this time-lapse overview. Unfortunately, we don’t have any information about the backstory of this bike, but what do you want to bet it’s on those floppy disks he dug out of the pannier? 

Source: YouTube 

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