If you’re going to pay homage to a famous off-road racer and/or stuntperson with your custom build, it makes all the sense in the world to concentrate on off-road performance. Sure, the bike needs to look the part, but that can't and shouldn’t be all there is to it. It should ideally go as good as it shows.  

That’s what French custom shop FCR Originals did with their Green Legend. Starting from the base of a modern 2016 Triumph Bonneville, the shop built a stunning homage to Steve McQueen’s incomparable TR6R Trophy as immortalized in The Great Escape. You get modern reliability and a modern Triumph warranty along with all the custom, timeless charm you could want. This isn’t just some graphics package, unlike those Bud Ekins special editions 

When someone tells you to jump on this bike, you can ask how high, and you can also actually do it. FCR fitted fully adjustable rear shock absorbers with greater ground clearance. Additionally, the shop stuck some nicely chunky Continental TKC80 rubber on, in addition to tossing the original exhaust in favor of high-mounted, unbaffled twin scrambler straight pipes. The oval number plate does double duty as a heat shield for your right thigh while you’re riding. Nice!  

Gallery: FCR Originals Green Legend Triumph Bonneville

Cosmetic modifications include a beautiful saddle from Proust Saddlery, a drilled gearbox case, period-correct green paint on the tank, and appropriate front and rear fenders. The fully stripped and nickel-plated frame adds to the period-correct look of the finished bike, so you truly get the best of all possible worlds. 

The Green Legend is a bike that is absolutely proud to be what it is. It’ll go, stop, and handle like a modern bike, all while exuding that ineffable ‘60s styling. Illumination looks the part, but is provided by tastefully formed modern LEDs.  

FCR is building these to order, with price available upon request. The customizer will ship from France to anywhere in the world, but we'd definitely recommend wearing earplugs with those pipes 

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