Inmotion just unveiled its newest electric unicycle, The V11. It comes with some significant upgrades from the previous model, including brighter lights, a more powerful motor, and even a suspension system. 

The V11 features a 2,000 nominal watt motor that peaks at 3,000 watts. It will take you an estimated distance of 57 miles on a single charge at 20MPH and has a maximum speed of 31MPH. 

The 80-cell battery back is fitted inside the motor to provide a lower center of gravityDual charging ports can charge the V11 to 80 percent in about three hours.  

To prevent unwanted heat buildup which can cause damage to the new MOSFET controllerInmotion significantly improved its cooling system. Large air vents allow air to pass through the body and over the controller when riding at speed. The controller housing itself is thermally conductive to provide passive cooling and dissipate heat. Finally, the V11 incorporates a high-flow fan to keep air moving when traveling at lower speeds. 

Inmotion also vastly improved the lighting system. The headlight is an 18-watt, high-intensity unit producing 7,800 lux. The V11 also has an automobile performance taillight to make sure you’re seen coming and going. 

Of course, the biggest news with the new model is its pedal suspension system. With a full 70mm of vertical travel, the V11 should provide a much smoother ride on bumpy roads or even where there is no road. In addition to the suspension, it has an 18x3” XL tire designed for on and off-road use which is expected to be made by Kenda.  

Other features include wider pedals with a high-grip texture, an integrated kickstand, and an improved folding handle which allows you to wheel it behind you rather than carrying its almost 60lb bulk. 

The V11 is set to go on sale at the end of July 2020, but could possibly be delayed due to the coronavirus. Although the final price has yet to be determined, Inmotion is currently taking preorders with a deposit of $500. 

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