Social distancing. It’s one of those phrases that will probably remain in our lexicon long after the reason for it has passed. For extroverts, it seems like a prison sentence, but for introverts, it’s more like a vacation. Still, sometimes even the loneliest introverts want to get away from it all. This electric RV from Xinge could be the perfect vehicle to get you there, albeit with some heavy modifications. 

Looking like the love-child of a traditional RV and a Tuk Tuk, this Chinese import is outfitted with just about everything you could need to get away from it all. Just don’t plan on taking too much with you.  

This micro-RV measures eleven and a half feet long by four and a half feet wide and is powered by a 60v system with a 7.2kw/h battery, but the manufacturer doesn’t list how far that will get you on a single charge. Considering it’s about a tenth the size of the battery found in the Tesla model 3, we’re guessing not very. With no mention of a fast-charge system, this could mean some very frequent and lengthy stops to charge for the next leg of your journey. However, the RV does come with a gas-powered generator and it can be had with solar panels as well, so that may get you farther down the road between charging stops. 

Another drawback is the speed. While a top speed of 25mph may be just fine to get you around mainland China, it’s not very suited to the wide-open spaces of North America. Still, the gearhead in us wonders if the diminutive electric motor could be swapped out for something beefier; Perhaps even a large motorcycle, or a small car engine. The manufacturer states that it was originally equipped with a gasoline-powered engine, so it’s entirely possible. 

In addition to a solar array, other possible upgrades include a toilet, a shower, and in one configuration we saw, a pull-out bed similar to those seen in home-built camper-van projects. With a price tag of only $4,900, even if it never leaves your house, the Xinge RV could be a perfect solution for those pesky family members who want to visit, or even friends you’re not all that fond of. If you buy three, the price goes down to $4,600 each, and if you order 50 or more, the price is negotiable. 

We’re hoping Xinge recognizes the potential for such a vehicle in the American market and designs a version more suited to highway travel. Until then, this is still a pretty cool little three-wheeler, and has our minds racing at the possibilities. 

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