If you're a lady rider, then you're no stranger to the difficulties involved in finding motorcycle riding gear the fits your style, lends itself to decent comfort, and most importantly, provides adequate safety. Oftentimes you find yourself compromising on either one of those elements in order to sport complete gear. Either you buy something that doesn't exactly fit your style, but is decently comfortable and safe, or you get something lightweight, compromising a bit of the safety factor, but shines as far as style and comfort is concerned. The struggle is most definitely real, given that up until recently, the motorcycle industry has been predominantly male dominated.

Now, I'm no lady rider, but I do have a girlfriend I take around on rides. My mother rides pillion with me every now and then too. As such being the responsible boyfriend and son that I am, I want to ensure that the important women in my life sport the adequate gear necessary to keep them safe whilst onboard a motorcycle. Few brands in the market have as extensive a catalogue as Viking Cycle, especially when it comes to women's riding apparel. 


Viking Cycle has been in operation for more than ten years now, and provides a broad range of motorcycle jackets for various applications, including those beyond the motorcycle. For instance, Viking Cycle has a women's jacket that's a hybrid of leather and textile that proves to be useful even after the ride. Its conveniently located pockets ensure that you get to carry your phones, wallet, and other gadgets along with you. Coolest of all is that, just like Viking Cycle's other apparel options, it doesn't look like it's made just for riding.  

Another awesome thing to note about their products is the fact that they're extremely budget friendly. With most of their products selling for less than $100, they make safe motorcycle riding attainable, regardless of the budget. Best of all is the fact that all their products make use of 100%  genuine leather, providing utmost slide resistance. Moreover, the textiles and armor inserts all comply with CE-Approved regulations.


Viking Cycle's products are available via their e-commerce platform in the USA, Australia, and the United Kingdom. All of their products come with a one year warranty, and they pride themselves with a highly responsive customer support team. If their products interest you, feel free to check out their entire women's catalogue here.

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