If you wondered how Belgian electric superbike maker Saroléa was planning to top that beautiful, limited edition Manx7 it released in 2018, have no fear. The company truly upped the ante and brought a few friends along for the ride to create its newest bike, the N60 MM.01. 

Like the Manx7, the N60 is completely electric, and also completely wrapped in carbon fiber. Its styling is distinctly Saroléan, in much the same way that you always know an MV Agusta is an MV Agusta. Although this electric streetfighter builds from the same base as the Manx7, it’s a completely different design with completely different things to say. 

Where the Manx7 drew upon a shared racing heritage, the N60 is a distinctly modern design. The carbon fiber weave does a lot of the talking here, with just a couple of bold orange lines that act like exclamation points. It weighs 215 kilograms, or just a hair under 474 pounds. When I say that it’s carbon fiber, I don’t just mean the bodywork. The monocoque frame and swingarm are also carbon fiber. And you get some carbon fiber, and YOU get some carbon fiber! Carbon fiber on all the things! I’m sorry, I’ve digressed a bit.

Gallery: Saroléa N60 MM.01

The battery is a 22kWh lithium-ion unit that offers 330 kilometers (or 205 miles) of range, and also offers DC quick-charging capabilities. Front forks are Öhlins FGRT-200s, while the rear shock is an Öhlins TTX36 unit. Brakes are Beringer Aerotecs, with 4-piston radial calipers up front and 2-piston axial calipers in the rear. Wheels are 17-inch  forged aluminum OZ Gass-Rs wrapped in Dunlop Sportsmart TT rubber.

It’s not just the bike you’re buying if you decide you want the N60—it’s an entire collaborative experience. Saroléa teamed up with suit-maker Cafe Costume, helmet-maker Hedon, and knife-maker Studio Blade to create The Mighty Machines. Together, they’re selling the N60 MM.01, a 20-of-a-kind special edition exclusive experience that only you and 19 other people around the world can share. 

Unlike it did with the Manx7, Saroléa doesn’t list an official price for the N60 MM.01. Instead, you have to contact the company to express your interest, and then it will presumably inform you of the hit your bank account is about to take. However, if you buy this limited package, you’ll get this gorgeous electric bike, a slim-cut tailored “biker suit” (which is, yes, an armored suit) from Cafe Costume, a Carbon Heroine MM.01 racer helmet from Hedon, and a commemorative carbon-fiber-handled Damascus steel knife from Studio Blade. 

Source: Saroléa

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