If you’ve been anxiously waiting until March 2020 to find out more about Cleveland CycleWerks’ Project #FalconRising electric motorcyclewe have news for you. While the official unveiling is still scheduled to take place in Cleveland, Ohio later this month, the company just released a raft of new details and specs.

Currently, two Falcon flavors are planned for the initial launch. The base Falcon 01 boasts a curb weight of just 150 pounds, and can carry up to 375 pounds. It comes with a single power pack, and has a claimed range of 80 miles in Eco mode and 50 in Power mode. Top speed is limited to 20mph as an e-bike, 27mph as an e-moped, and over 65mph in off-road mode. Charge time is a claimed 1 hour and 30 minutes for 100 percent of capacity, and just 45 minutes for 80 percent. It’s powered by a 2.2kWh battery pack.

The onboard FALCONtroller unit offers an interesting mobile-device-as-screen option, which you’ll appreciate if you’d rather just stick your phone on the dash instead of relying on a separate digital display. It uses two-way Bluetooth communication so you can control the bike from your device. It’s powered by CCW’s Radial Flux IPM motor, which produces a claimed 13 kilowatts of power. 

Meanwhile, the extremely limited Falcon BLK Founders Edition will only see 20 units ever made. They’ll be individually numbered and signed, and will feature the Lumilor electroluminescent paint demonstrated in the video above. 

Gallery: Cleveland CycleWerks Falcon BLK and Falcon 01

In addition to the regular Falcon 01 specs, it will offer a dual battery system with an estimated 160 mile range, optional Sphere Brakes advanced braking system, Falcon BLK wheel covers. It will also offer something called Angry Pixy Mode, which CCW says is an “electronic nitrous mode” that boosts power for up to 20 seconds, and in no way involves Black Francis screaming in your ear. It’s powered by two battery packs for a combined 4.4kWh.

The Falcon BLK Founders Edition will run its 20 purchasers $14,995, while the Falcon 01 Founders Edition costs $7,995, but also offers two pre-order discounts depending on how big a deposit you choose to put down. A $100 deposit on a Falcon 01 gets you a $250 discount, while a $1000 deposit gets you a $500 discount. Both versions come with a two year warranty on the bike itself, as well as two year unlimited mileage warranty on the battery packs. 

CCW keeps releasing teaser information and images from this project, and the final unveiling is less than three weeks away. Now that you have some numbers, what do you think?

Source: Cleveland CycleWerks

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