Video game teasers, particularly when they’re gameplay footage, are meant to get you hyped about buying the game. This brand-new gameplay footage from TT Isle of Man 2 is looking—and extremely importantly, also sounding—incredibly spot-on for what you’d want in an IOMTT simulator.   

What’s more, you can get the 1978 Mike Hailwood Ducati 900 as a pre-order bonus, and there’s onboard footage of it in this video. Gloriously, the looks and sounds are completely what you’d hope for. As you change views, the sounds change appropriately. The bug splatters that build up on your windscreen and visor as you go around the full TT course are a nice touch, as well. 

A few other classic bikes have joined the lineup for this game, too. Fans of the MV Agusta 500 Three, Norton NRS 588, Suzuki XR69, and Yamaha TZ 750 will be pleased to see all these bikes join the fray. These and everything else that TT Isle Of Man 2: Ride On The Edge has to offer will be available on PC, XBOX, Switch, and PS4 on March 19, 2020. 

Developed by French motorsport-happy development house Kylotonn, who previously brought the world the first IOMTT game, as well as the WRC FIA World Rally Championship series, all involved are touting improved game physics and more immersive levels of gameplay in their newest Isle of Man simulator.

It looks promising, but is it? We’ll have to find out once the game is actually released. Sometimes trailers end up looking a lot better than a game actually is—but sometimes, they don’t do the awesomeness of a game justice. Whether either of these things is true, or even if this game is just meh, we won’t really know for sure until we get our hands on it and can form some type of experience-based opinion. 

Are you looking forward to this game? Have you ridden around the TT course, or would you if you had the chance? 

Source: Bigben, YouTube

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