Back in June 2019, we first heard the fantastic news that TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge 2 was officially coming for PC and consoles in 2020. Today, Bigben Games released an official trailer demonstrating the kinds of improvements we can expect to see in the new game. This IOMTT simulator looks very promising indeed.

From more immersive and realistic bike physics to working your way up through the national road racing championship on your way to compete in the TT,  there’s a lot to explore. In fact, there’s even more than you might at first expect, as the trailer specifically mentions an open world dynamic in which you can explore, build your reputation, improve your bike with better parts, and move up through the ranks. 

According to Bigben, the shock absorbers and brakes have been redesigned, offering more accurate feel for imperfections in the road. The gyroscopic effect has also been improved to allegedly give more precise steering feedback. Finally, the developers added a speed wobble to help warn you of impending get-offs. 

No official date has yet been announced for TT Isle of Man: Ride On The Edge 2, but Bigben suggests that we can expect it to hit all consoles and PCs sometime in the first half of 2020. Obviously, there’s no indication of how well all these big promises will be fulfilled with the release of this game. 

Still, the first game was very visually appealing, and if this game delivers a solid experience with at least some of the potential it’s promising, we’ll be watching with interest to see how this stacks up in the grand pantheon of motorcycle racing games. 

IOMTT is such a special event, it deserves a simulator experience that’s top-notch. From this trailer, it’s hard not to be at least cautiously optimistic about what we can expect upon this game’s release.

Source: YouTube

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