Back in March, Milestone—the Italian developer behind the Ride videogame franchise—released an official “announcement trailer” for the latest installment of its other game franchise, MotoGP. Said trailer was comprised of quick-cuts of the game (seemingly replay footage, not game play footage), and while it showed off what looked like improved graphics for 2019, fans were left wondering what playing the game would actually look like.

A new video posted to the MotoGamesTV YouTube channel, gives us a sneak peak at what a race will look like. The two-and-a-half-minute clip follows Valentino Rossi around Italy’s Mugello circuit for the first 2 laps of the race, though the clip does reveal some neat details featured in MotoGP 19. The already stellar graphics don’t appear to have received much, if any work, though the game’s engine has clearly gotten some attention.

Watching the footage shows a more life-like and realistic rear wheel; one that skids and steps out more naturally (even with traction control set to level-four). Improving the virtual competition even more is Milestone’s implementation of Neural AI and machine learning, which, according to the developer results in “smarter, faster opponents who will exploit your mistakes”. Previously even the hardest settings weren’t that difficult to best, so I’m personally really excited about the potential of a more challenging field.

MotoGP 19 also for the first time gets its own dedicated servers. Touted as a “low latency experience”, the new feature should make online multiplayer racing “fairer”. Other noteworthy additions to the game include a new “Race Director Mode” which enables players to create their own race “with your own rules”. The game will also see what’s being called “graphical editors” which let users design their own helmets, as well as an improved back (name) patch and race number editor.

Pre-orders have already commenced for the game’s June 6, 2019 release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. MotoGP 2019 will also be available for the Nintendo Switch, though not until June 27.

Source: MotoGP 19 (Milestone), MotoGamesTV

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