It may not be a Cyberquad, and it’s definitely not officially made by Tesla, but someone finally made a Tesla-esque Cyberbike. Is it electric? Yes. Is it a motorbike? Yes, of a sort. Is it in California? It’s only February, folks, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the answer is yes. 

As you’ll probably guess from watching even a few seconds of this video, this is by no means a production model. It’s a total one-off, built solely for the purpose of testing this particular bike in a somewhat incognito way. Well, maybe that’s not the right way to describe it. Manufacturer Super73 wanted to shield its new bike from prying eyes, but it also wanted YouTuber Casey Neistat to test it for them. 

Everyone’s solution: Why not cover it up in fake aluminum panels designed to look like the Cybertruck? Think of it as motorbike cosplay. After all, who’s going to know the difference unless you tell them? I mean, besides the nearly 2 million people who have viewed this video so far. 

The result is hilarious, and so many people talk to Neistat about it wherever he goes in this video. To be fair, the original e-bike model Super73 altered for testing had pedals originally—but the company ended up removing them to make the Cyberbike bodywork fit properly. Does that make it a true electric motorcycle? Probably not, but the Cyberbike is close enough to let it slide just this once. 

The best bit is when the cop pulls Neistat over and asks if it’s an electric bike or a motorcycle. That line is awfully blurry on this vehicle—but then again, apparently so is anyone’s steering ability. Turns out that your handling gets severely compromised when you stick random aluminum body panels everywhere that prevent your handlebars from turning like they were designed to do. Who knew?   

Source: YouTube  

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