Only in the UK for now.

Are you excited about the 2020 Suzuki V-Strom 1050 lineup? If you’ve already been busy making plans to buy one since November 2019, we have a bit of additional news to look out for. Suzuki announced three new accessory packs for the 1050s. So far, their availability has only been confirmed in the UK—so US V-Strom customers have to wait a bit longer for more info.

In the US, our 1050XT comes with an aluminum skid plate and crash bars, while our 1050XT Adventure adds in a set of aluminum panniers and heated grips. For the UK, the new Explore accessory pack gives 1050XT and base 1050 owners aluminum panniers and a top box, crash bars, an aluminum skid plate, heated grips, and LED fog lamps. The cost for this pack is £2,499 (or about US $3,260). 

Meanwhile, the UK’s Tour pack simply consists of aluminum panniers and top box, at a cost of £1,299 (or about US $1,694). This pack is also available on the base 1050 and 150XT. A third City pack will also be available for UK riders. Called the City accessory pack, it consists of a 55 liter top box and a center stand, and is available for the base 1050 model only at a cost of £699 (or about US $912). 

Suzuki Great Britain motorcycle marketing manager Ian Bland told Visordown that all three new packs can be installed at the dealer during purchase. These individual accessories are of course listed for sale from Suzuki dealers on their own, but as always, combination packs like this usually save you money if you were planning to purchase the lot anyway. 

RideApart reached out to Suzuki US to inquire about availability on our shores, but we have yet to hear back. We will, of course, update this post if we hear further information about these pretty sweet combinations for eventual US purchase.

Sources: Visordown, Suzuki US, Suzuki GB

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