There were high expectations for the new V-Strom 1050. Many people—ourselves included—expected the updated model to comeback with a few additional adventure chops, inspired by its ancestor the DR 800. It did but only in looks, not in actual chops. A German shop didn’t waste any time giving us the DR descendant we deserve with this new Desert Express kit.

When the name “DR Big” started popping earlier in the year, many of us got excited about the possibilities either a returning DR or a DR-inspired V-Strom could bring to the table. Aside from a retro-looking paint job and a rectangular headlight, Suzuki played it very safe when it came to giving the new V-Strom more DR-like qualities. So safe, in fact, that it even changed the model’s nomenclature from 1000 to 1050 without actually changing the displacement. A little too safe indeed. 

German shop Hessler Rallye Team specializes in DR kits and modifications (I mean, its Website’s URL spells out DR Big Shop) and the team wasted no time jumping on the V-Strom’s case. The new bike hasn’t even landed in dealers yet and already, the shop offers a modification kit that gives it the off-road cred we were hoping to see. 

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The Desert Express kit includes a set of new parts that help modify the bike’s stance and increase its off-road capability. It starts with a little suspension tuning. The kit includes fork and shock modifications to increase their travel by 1.2 inches (the fork actually has to be sent to the shop for the modification while the shock is replaced with a Wilbers HRT Rally unit). This increases the bike’s ground clearance and seat height by over an inch. The underbelly receives an HRT skidplate. 

The new fork receives a new HRT triple clamp armed with two screws (rather than the one on the production part) which is meant to increase the frame’s solidity. Attached is a new Magura handlebar equipped with HRT handguards. The kit also includes an adjustable Zeta Rallye 1050 windscreen, off-road friendly brake pedals and shifter, new clutch and brake levers, a chain guard, a new and wider side stand,  a fender lift kit, a luggage rack, knobby Anlas Capra X tires, as well as a GPS mount. There’s also a MIVV exhaust tip offered. 

The look wouldn’t be complete without the appropriate stickers so the kit includes a handful of Desert Express stickers and decals to be applied on the fairing, the side panels, and the swingarm. 

Now, your (future) Suzuki V-Strom 1050 can look the part. All you need is € 3,895 ($4,285) to spare. The parts are sold separately if you’re not interested in the full kit or as a more budget-friendly option. It’s the price to pay to get your own DR Big revival.

Source: Hessler Rally Team

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