In October 2018, Suzuki took us back to the ‘80s with the announcement of the all-new Katana. While the retro roadster just hit US showrooms in November 2019, the company has already leveraged the Katana branding and platform for a limited edition car and a Yoshimura kit. Now, Suzuki is teaming up with American apparel company Icon Motosports to offer a special edition Katana exclusive for France.

Based in Portland, Oregon, Icon Motosports has created performance gear for street riders since 2002. With an “unabashed attitude and a heavy right wrist”, icon’s designs favor aggressive graphics and bright colors. Featuring a contrasting skull paint job and fluorescent yellow accents, the limited edition Katana certainly falls in line with Icon’s established aesthetic. 

Aside from the exclusive livery, the Icon Katana touts an Akrapovic muffler that adds 2 horsepower, 1.5 ft-lb of torque, and reduces weight by 2.4 pounds. A shorter aluminum license plate hanger with LED lights sweetens the deal and a numbered insert on the gas tank allows buyers to brag to their friends about the super-rare motorcycle. Additional side protection pads and a contrasting white Katana logo at the front of the fairing round out the exclusives.

Gallery: 2020 Suzuki Katana Icon Limited Edition

Along with the special edition Katana, Suzuki includes a matching Icon Airflite Stim Black full-face helmet for an extra dose of skulls and highlighter yellow for your dome. For those that love to match their lid with their paint job, Suzuki and Icon got you covered. 

With only 10 units scheduled for production, the Icon Katana won’t be an easy bike to get your hands on, but Suzuki’s pricing doesn’t break the bank. Exclusive to the French market, the special edition motorcycle will retail for € 15,999, only € 2,300 more than the standard Katana. 

Though the extremely rare Katana is restricted to Suzuki France, we can’t wait to see if the company has any more collaborations in store. With any luck, they’ll produce more units so we can all go back to the ‘80s with Suzuki.

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