If you love Aprilia’s V4 engine, and you’re also sick of the US constantly getting left out when it comes to cool limited editions, we have some good news for you. First announced at the Long Beach IMS event in November 2019, it seems that exclusive, limited-edition RSV4 and Tuono V4 RR 1100 models are headed to North America for 2020.

That’s right, we’ll be getting 100 numbered units of both the 2020 RSV4 RR Misano Limited Edition and the 2020 Tuono RR 1100 Misano Limited Edition. Both Limited Editions feature exclusive race-derived liveries, in the classic Italian tricolore scheme, inspired once more by the 1987 championship of Aprilia racer Loris Reggiani. 

The RSV4 RR will bear its special limited edition numbering on its top triple clamp, while the Tuono RR will instead have it on its fuel tank cover. MSRP for the RSV4 RR Misano Limited Edition will be US $17,999, while the MSRP for the Tuono RR 1100 Misano Limited Edition will be $15,999. 

Gallery: 2020 Aprilia RSV4 RR And Tuono RR 1100 Misano Limited Editions

Both designs are mostly white, with red and green accents and that instantly recognizable flying “A” logo prominently displayed on each. It just begs to have a matching helmet design to go along with either of these liveries. Is the Aprilia lion also ghosted into either of these liveries somewhere? We can’t tell from these specific photos, but it wouldn’t be surprising if it was. 

Of course, Aprilia has previously released North American numbered limited editions derived from Loris Reggiani liveries before. As a very recent (and awesome) example, the 2018 RSV4 RF Limited Edition also featured special aerodynamic carbon fiber winglets, for an MSRP of $24,499. 

So while this new livery is certainly a nice option to have, it’s not as great as a limited edition that also offers actual performance mods in addition to its good looks. Then again, we suppose that’s why there are the Factory versions of both the RSV4 and its Tuono sibling. 

Source: Aprilia

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