Well, well, well. We know Halloween is more of an American holiday, but it looks like Aprilia decided to give us all one very nice treat earlier today. The company released this 32-second teaser video for the RS 660 on social media, and it does exactly what a teaser should do. The company apparently wanted to make sure we all remember that EICMA is next week. We do, Aprilia. WE DO.

If the prospect of actually hearing the RS 660 isn’t enough, Aprilia also chose to highlight some footage of Aprilia MotoGP racer Andrea Iannone working out. Presumably, he’s going to need to be at peak fitness to not only race his best, but also to show you what the RS 660 can do. A top bike needs top talent, after all. 

A professional racer’s journey, Aprilia seems to be telling us, is not unlike a sportbike’s development journey. It’s a lot of work, and it’s not easy—but it’s worth it. The brand even snuck in a short appearance from an actual lion in the video, right after the RS 660’s grunt tickles your eardrums for the first time. Is your pulse pounding yet? 

Everyone else might be dressing up for Halloween, but Aprilia is so confident about the RS 660, they’re just putting it all out there and letting us soak it all in. Obviously, I’m hoping we get to hear quite a bit more of the engine in action at EICMA, but this certainly isn’t a bad start to what’s sure to be an attention-getting presentation from Noale. 

Even though November 5, 2019 is now less than a week away, this is the kind of teaser that makes you feel that’s a completely unreasonable length of time to have to wait. Like Veruca Salt, we want it NOW. Unfortunately, instead, like Augustus Gloop, we’ll just have to content ourselves with a sea of chocolate between now and then. I hope you’re happy, Aprilia. 

Source: YouTube, Twitter

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