"One time I went to a boxing match, and a hockey game broke out." This saying must have been the inspiration for these kids to not only recreate their own version of the MotoGP 2019 British Grand Prix but also for how they improved it in some highly entertaining ways.

Reusing the audio track from the actual race, the video begins in typical MotoGP fashion, with a walk down the starting grid showing each rider and their umbrella girl. In this case, most of the girls aren't girls, and most of the umbrellas are actually large banana leaves appropriate to their native Malaysia, but who cares. The race begins with some wheelies and a crash, then some quite obviously sped up shots of bikes quite obviously not meant for racing zooming down the road, jockeying for position. The race leaders kick at each other while reaching impressively high fake speeds up to 200 km/h. Nearly everyone makes a roadside pit stop to pick up an icy pop, though, because icy pops are yummy. MotoGP should have mandatory icy pop stops for all riders.

The racing surface then changes to dirt, adding a flair of Supercross to MotoGP. Soon afterward, one rider crashes and begins throwing things at other riders who he believes caused the crash. Further hijinks ensue, with more crashes, fights, and people falling into streams. Eventually, the race devolves into something resembling the big fight scene at the end of Blazing Saddles.

If MotoGP was like this, I would never miss a race. Sure, I'd advocate for better riding gear than these kids had, and perhaps something vaguely resembling some rules. The entertainment value is priceless, though. Plus, with the cheap scooters and bikes they used, anyone could enter the race. I'd probably enter some myself, just for fun. You'd just have to watch out for being run off the road and spectators randomly tossing you into a stream.

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