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When you think of sleek, futuristic, ultra-high-fashion materials, stainless steel probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Carbon fiber, maybe. Or titanium. Yet, Bandit9’s latest creation, the Eve 2020, is the very definition of space-age and spectacular. I mean, just look at this thing. It’s completely like it landed here from a different planet. A planet of infinite night, where the sun is just a rumor.

Back in 2018, Bandit9’s L-Concept acquainted us with the builder’s clear love of a unibody tank as a key design concept. The Eve 2020’s ultra-sleek interpretation of this conceit looks like it’s ready to launch you into the new decade in bullet-time. 

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It’s powered by an air-cooled four-stroke 125cc carbureted engine, mated to a 4-speed semi-automatic transmission. It weighs just 140kg (or just over 308.5 pounds). From the LED headlight to the handmade aluminum levers, everything about this bike is extremely special and high-end. It’s no wonder, when this particular creation was designed in collaboration with Hong Kong-based luxury house Lane Crawford. 

Some motorcycles feel like rideable art, and that’s cool, because we can always use more beauty in the world instead of less. Other motorcycles feel like sculptures that you may or may not be able to—or, more importantly, want to—actually ride. This might fall into that latter category. That’s cool, too, because again: more beauty in the world, please. Contemplating how daily-able a bike like this would be would be completely unreasonable, because that’s not what it’s for

It’s the concept of a motorcycle, in a gorgeously hand-sculpted form. It shows you infinite speed while it’s standing still, right in front of you. You instantly feel it sweep over you, as though you’re crouched over the clip-ons in a wind tunnel. The hairs along the back of your neck and your arms begin to rise, as you feel that rush. 

Naturally, it’s a limited edition, and only nine will ever be available at a cost of US $11,950 apiece. But hey, shipping’s free anywhere in the world, so you’d best hit that button if you want one. 

Source: Bandit9

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