Dunlop has been on a roll lately. In October, the company announced details about its latest adventure tire and followed up with news of re-designed flat-track racing hoops in December. Dunlop looks to continue the momentum it built in 2019 by launching an all-weather tire that spans more than 370 models in January 2020. That versatility in all seasons and road conditions along with the ability to shape-shift to fit a wide range of motorcycles earned the tire a fitting moniker—the Mutant.  

Spanning the adventure, scrambler, sport-touring, naked, and retro segments, Dunlop’s Mutant will provide a new four-season tire alternative for a majority of the bikes on the market today. Utilizing the knowledge gained from hypersport and touring tires, the company developed the new all-arounder to perform no matter the application. Technologies used for wet racing also influenced the tire’s design and prioritizes water evacuation.  

Gallery: 2020 Dunlop Mutant

By mixing compounds fit for the harshest climates with canvas materials and structures, Dunlop created ‘4 Season Technology’ that still endures winter conditions. The company even stamped the tire’s sidewall with the official ‘M+S’ classification, which indicates that the Mutant can perform in mud and snow. 

Along with the rubber composition, the tire’s tread pattern also allows it to tackle any terrain. With a series of slashes and diamond-shaped blocks, the Mutant’s tread resembles flat-track and wet-weather tires simultaneous. Moving both water and dirt is central to the four-season tire’s objective and combining the two tread patterns enables the Mutant to perform in all situations. 

If your New Year’s resolution is to keep your motorcycle on the roll, you may want to grab some heated gear, prepare yourself for the cold weather, and look at throwing a set of Dunlop Mutants onto your rig come January. 

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