It takes a great deal of skill to fling a motorcycle around a race track at top speed. It also takes skill to ride slowly, without the gyroscopic forces of the rotating wheels to help you keep the bike up. These are the skills that got put to the test at Wow Motorcycles' open house. Do It With Dan shows us how it went down.

The race begins about ten minutes into the video, after, some shenanigans and a cool stunt show. The police closed the road next to Wow for the event, so this is legit. The cops were so cool that the stunters even did donuts and wheelies around them. The beauty of a slow race is that you can compete on any bike. Where else would a Grom be on even footing against a Fireblade or Gixxer? The rules are simple. Start at one end of a set of cones, and be the last one to get to the other end. Putting a foot down or leaving the designated area means instant disqualification.

Although the race entries included pretty much every type of bike you can imagine, the majority of them were dual-sports, specifically Suzuki DR-Z400s. Off-road riding often requires slow speeds while crossing obstacles or uneven ground, so they do have a bit of an advantage over the Harley Sport Glide. Sportbikes are made to go fast, not slow, but despite that, the finalists include a Suzuki GSX-R as well as a Triumph Street Triple, as well as a DR-Z, proving that it's all about the skill of the rider in a race like this. Any one of these three could win, but you'll have to watch the video to find out who crosses the line last.

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