When you think about classic scooters, two names stand head and shoulders above the rest. One of those names has, so far, done a pretty good job of reshaping itself to adapt its unique aesthetic to modern global needs. The other is Lambretta—but that’s about to change, if the iconic Italian brand has anything to say about it. 

Lambretta just introduced its brand-new G-Special “concept” at EICMA 2019. It’s fully slated for production “within a few months,” but Lambretta wants to finalize a few details first—hence the “concept” designation. 

Featuring a completely steel monocoque with interchangeable side panels, the G325 Special will apparently have a courtesy light in its footboard. That's...it. At least, that's seemingly the only thing that Lambretta is willing to announce pre-production, having provided zero specs whatsoever for this new flagship scoot. Heck of an EICMA announcement, folks.

Anyway, this light, we're told, will bear the shape of the Lambretta logo, and will automatically light up whenever a rider approaches the vehicle. Presumably, this is tied to a smart key fob to prevent unnecessary activation whenever someone gets close to your scoot to take a better look. At least, let's hope so. Lambretta didn't give any details about that, either. 

Modern-day Lambretta might not be as well-known in North America as it once was, but it’s a thriving brand elsewhere, with dealerships all over Europe and Asia in particular. Still, one new model alone isn’t enough to compete with that other company in the ‘modern Italian classics with heritage’ department, though. 

That’s why Lambretta has also announced its plans to unveil a G-Special “high power electric version” at the Delhi Auto Expo in February 2020. This event will be a global introduction of Lambretta’s first-ever electric scooter 

As for future plans, Lambretta stated that it “strives to become the world number one within the classic Italian scooter brand segment before 2028.” It’s a lofty goal, but one that Lambretta’s parent company Innocenti hopes to achieve, in part, by developing additional electric scooters and motorcycles, as well as exploring Hydrogen2 technology. 

We look forward to seeing Lambretta’s future developments, and can’t wait to say “ciao, bella!” to that electric scooter in February. You know, as long as we get some juicy details about it and not just a few pretty photos. 

Source: Lambretta

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