Europe is the primary market for the sport-touring segment. In recent years, Europe has been the only favorable market for motorcycles as a whole, so when Yamaha set out to redesign the Tracer 700, they had to keep the old continent in mind. With Euro 5 emissions standards scheduled for full enforcement in 2021, Team Blue knew it had to make its mills compliant or risk losing a major piece of the sport-touring pie. It’s this impetus that drives Yamaha to completely redesign the 2020 Tracer 700.

The new generation of the Tracer contains a Euro 5 version of Yamaha’s long-hailed 689cc, parallel-twin CP2 engine. In order to meet the new European emissions standards, the Japanese manufacturer optimizes the air intake, ignition settings, fuel injection, and exhaust system. Though the company revises the engine for 2020, the CP2 retains the uneven firing sequence and linear torque band emblematic of the cross-plane engine. By keeping the 270-degree crank and improving the fueling systems, Team Blue creates a standards-compliant engine that still sounds amazing (see video below).

One of the first things people will notice about the 2020 Tracer 700 is the new design and the aggressive headlight cowl resembling the YZF-R1 family. Yamaha carries over what they call the “slant-eye” LED from the company’s sportbikes and equips the new Tracer with a half fairing. The combination of additional wind protection and refined styling distinguishes the latest generation Tracer from its predecessors while equipping the sport-tourer for the long haul. 

Gallery: 2020 Yamaha Tracer 700

The 2020 Tracer is one of the lightest bikes in the sport-touring class with a curb weight of 432 pounds. With a wheelbase extension to 57 inches, Yamaha’s middleweight adventurer enjoys new road-holding attributes that allow owners to crush even more miles. To help in the areas of comfort and control, the new Tracer comes with preload and damping adjustable 41mm front forks and rear monoshock. 

Team Blue prepares the model to go the distance with wider handlebars, improved handguards, contoured seat, and a windscreen with 60mm of adjustability. The 4.5-gallon tank also keeps the rig on the road for long-intervals without dragging it down with additional weight. 

To put the bow on the new package, Yamaha provides a new negative LCD instrument panel and integrates the LED urn signals into the handguards. The streamlined design suits the city perfectly but doesn’t encumber the out of town getaways. 

Yamaha plans to introduce the 2020 Tracer 700 at EICMA 2019, which kicks off tomorrow. Perfect for urban commuters and weekend warriors, the new Tracer will be available at dealers in March 2020 and offered in Icon Grey, Sonic Grey, and Phantom Blue liveries.

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Roads of Life

"It is the journey and not the arrival that matters." A famous quotation that perfectly sums up the universal attraction of sport touring motorcycles to different generations of riders. Travel can broaden the mind and enrich the soul - and it also enables each person to live in the moment and fully appreciate the world and the people around them.

More than anything, riding a sport touring motorcycle focuses the mind on the now, and stimulates the senses with new sights, sounds and smells. The rider becomes an integral part of the environment. It's as if they've gone from living in monochrome to full colour HD.

This is represented in "Roads of Life" - the core concept of Yamaha's Sport Touring segment and the philosophy around which the segment's models are built. It is about a strong emotional experience through riding, the feeling of togetherness and the desire to share unique moments. Yamaha's Sport Touring models are the perfect means to reach the emotional state one searches for, the perfect partner for those who wish to share a journey. It's all about the twists and turns - be it on a winding road or in life.

2020 Yamaha Sport Touring Range

For 2020 Yamaha offers one of the strongest and most attractive line-ups in the sport touring segment, with a wide range of unique and distinctive models like FJR, NIKEN and Tracer, from 1300cc through to 700cc.

Every Yamaha Sport Touring motorcycle has the potential to take its rider and passenger on a new journey every day. Anything is possible, the only limit is the rider's imagination. Riding through a twisting mountain road together, heading south to the Mediterranean or taking a fast Sunday morning ride with a group of riding buddies, these are the very special memories that will never be forgotten.

The Sport Touring segment delivers a full range of riding emotions - from everyday trips to long distance travel, from easy thrills to dynamic performance, from adrenaline to comfortable touring. Yamaha is always working hard to give everybody the opportunity to begin a new journey and discover their very own Roads of Life.

New Tracer 700: It's Your Turn

This is the bike for riders who want thrilling sports performance with all round versatility and a serious bit of attitude. Featuring completely new bodywork and an aggressive new face, the new Tracer 700 is the kind of machine that really can go almost anywhere whether near or far, in the city or on the open road.

Coming from a family of Yamaha sport touring bikes that are widely respected and admired for their outstanding sports performance and the ability to excel in every situation, the new Tracer 700 is built to exceed expectations in every respect.

Driven by the first Euro5 version of the acclaimed 689cc, 2-cylinder CP2 engine, the 2020 model takes the sport tourer concept to another level. Featuring a dynamic new look and offering the best-in-class power to weight ratio - together with enhanced ergonomics and a higher overall specification - the Tracer 700 is designed to thrill.

It's a genuine 7-days a week bike that loves to play hard and fast at weekends. Tearing through the curves the Tracer 700 gets the heartbeat revving and the adrenaline pumping. Then when it's time to be sensible again on Monday morning this adaptable sport tourer is equipped to handle long-distance commuting and urban riding.

New half fairing with aggressive new twin headlight face

Featuring twin slant-eye LED position lights and powerful twin LED projector headlights, the Tracer 700 comes with a modern and aggressive new look that has a whole lot more attitude than any other bike in the class.

The compact and lightweight layered fairing emphasises the dynamic stance of this new sport tourer to give it a much more edgy and predatory feel. Blending seamlessly into the fuel tank cover, this compact and aerodynamic fairing offers plenty of wind and weather protection for improved long-distance comfort. The newly designed front fender follows this new design direction to reinforce the bike's formidable new style.

Finished in a choice of bold new colour schemes, this next generation bodywork and unforgettable face gives an impression of lightness and agility that reflect the true character of the dynamic new Tracer 700.

Thrilling torque-rich 689cc, CP2 engine

The new Tracer 700 is powered by Yamaha's formidable 689cc, 2-cylinder crossplane concept engine, one of the most successful and best-loved powerplants that the company has ever produced. What makes this engine so special is its 270º crank that gives an uneven firing sequence, enabling the engine to deliver strong linear torque that responds directly to the rider's throttle input.

For 2020 this outstanding engine is updated with optimised fuel injection and ignition settings, revised air intake, optimised exhaust settings and a modified exhaust system that enable this ultra-reliable powerplant to exceed EU5 standards.

Delivering maximum power at 8750rpm with maximum torque at 6500rpm, the Tracer 700's engine gives the most thrilling, sporty and emotional riding experience. The wide band of linear torque ensures strong acceleration through the rpm band, and with a revised secondary gear ratio the 2020 model is even more exciting and responsive when charging through the 6-speed transmission. It only takes one ride with this engine to see just why it's Europe's favourite powerplant.

This version of the CP2 engine is now fully compliant with the new Euro5 regulations without losing its unique, well known and much appreciated character.

Lightest in class, best power to weight ratio

Featuring a lightweight tubular frame and equipped with a long aluminium swingarm that gives a 1,460mm wheelbase, the Tracer 700's compact chassis make this one of the most agile and exciting sport tourers. With the lowest wet weight in the class of just 196kg combined with its thrilling torque-rich engine and strong power output, the Tracer 700 achieves the best power to weight ratio to give a truly outstanding riding experience.

Adjustable front and rear suspension

To allow the Tracer 700 owner to explore the full potential of the bike's handling performance and enjoy every ride to the full, the new model is equipped with uprated 41mm cartridge-type front forks. The spring rate has been adjusted in order to optimise the roadholding characteristics, and the 2020 model is equipped with preload and rebound damping adjusters. Together with the preload and rebound-adjustable rear shock, the bike is easy to set up to suit different rider weights and riding conditions and achieve the best balance of comfort and control.

Aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment

The 2020 Tracer 700 is fitted with a slim new aerodynamic screen with a higher optical quality that complements the aggressive new face and lightweight fairing. Using just one hand, screen height can be adjusted by over 60mm to reduce wind buffeting for improved comfort at higher speeds - and redesigned handguards give added wind and weather protection that is sure to be appreciated on longer journeys.

Commanding riding position with comfortable ergonomics

The Tracer 700 is a well-equipped sport tourer that is built to go the full distance, and in order to give a more commanding riding position that complements the new fairing the new model features 34mm wider handlebars with an accessory bridge. Together with the new seat design, the new handlebar enhances the ergonomics to give improved long-distance comfort and controllability.

Contoured dual seat for rider and passenger comfort

Solo or two-up, the new single-piece seat offers increased comfort for the rider and passenger and offers greater freedom in choosing the right riding position. The front section blends smoothly with the tank and fairing to allow a firm knee grip, and the contoured profile gives added support to the rider during acceleration.

For 2020 the rear of the seat is slightly higher, and this gives a more comfortable riding position for the passenger. The new seat also features stitch-type detailing that adds a touch of style.

Long range autonomy

One of the main strengths of the Tracer 700 is its outstanding versatility that confirms its status as a genuine all-rounder that's capable of handling everything from long-distance trips through to weekend blasts and daily rides to work. The impressive economy of the 689cc, CP2 engine means that the 17-litre fuel tank delivers a long range between stops, enabling the Tracer 700 rider to go all the way.

Negative LCD instruments

One of the many new features on the Tracer 700 is the negative LCD instrument panel that features a clearly marked multi-function display. Spot colour is used on the rev counter and large gear position indicator - and the rider can easily adjust the display using a remote switch on the left handlebar.

Compact and lightweight LED flashers

Compact and lightweight LED flashers are fitted, and at the front they are incorporated into the new handguards to give a lightweight, agile and modern look that's perfectly in keeping with the new Tracer 700's dynamic character.

Tracer 700 Key Features

New half fairing with aggressive new twin headlight face

Thrilling torque-rich 689cc CP2 engine, Euro5 compliant

Lightest in class, best power to weight ratio

Adjustable front and rear suspension

Aerodynamic screen with single-handed adjustment

Commanding riding position with comfortable ergonomics

Contoured dual seat for rider and passenger comfort

17-litre fuel tank gives long range autonomy

Negative LCD instruments

Compact LED flashers, integrated in handguards

Colours and Availability

The Tracer 700 will be offered in Icon Grey; Sonic Grey; and Phantom Blue. The new model will be available at Yamaha dealers starting in March 2020.

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