Modern retro bikes have led to a boom in custom and café racer builds from shops around the world. The global trend to chop, slam, bob and café all sorts of donor bikes may just have reached peak awesome because this custom Triumph Thruxton 900 dubbed Stalker is a masterpiece.

The Stalker is the fiftieth build from Tamarit Motorcycles, a Triumph custom specialist shop in Tamarit, Spain. It was built for a very tall Mallorcan who had fallen in love with café customs during travels to Thailand. My favorite part of this build is the sculpted airbox, which exposes the pod-style air filter in a beautifully executed half-cut box. The aluminum triple tree with a Motogadget Scope Pro instrument cluster embedded seamlessly into it is another big time highlight.

Tamarit offers a host of custom Triumph parts on its website, and used some of those parts, some off-the-shelf parts from MotoGadget and a few one-off fabricated parts specific to this build. For example, the number plate hanger and grab bar with an embedded LED strip of taillights was designed specifically for this bike. Tamarit says they prefer to add one-off elements to motorcycles commissioned by clients to make sure those customers get a truly unique bike.

A 2006 Thruxton 900 is the platform for the build, and Tamarit says the 70 horsepower parallel twin was chosen specifically for its old-school carbureted feel. From there, the builders added off-the-shelf items from their catalog, including their Pantera springs, Little Bastard fender, Hummer sump guard, and a three-quarter size headlight. A Tamarit Speedster exhaust adds aural intensity to the proceedings, as well as a small bump in oomph.

Victory Classic tires are a nice aesthetic touch, if not the best performance option. By cutting the triple trees by 6cm (2.3 inches) and cutting down the subframe to reduce the height of the rear springs, Tamarit was able to slam the body much closer to the tires and make the whole bike much lower and compact. For more on this and Tamarits other builds you can check out their website below.

This is a gorgeous execution of a café build that might help put Tamarit firmly on the map. 

Gallery: Tamarit Motorcycles Triumph Thruxton 900 Stalker

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