Giving people grief for the way they express their creativity is wrong and broken. It’s mean, it’s horrible, it is demeaning and it fails to respect the hours of work and effort that go into making a motorcycle truly unique and interesting. It is also funny as all hell, which is why the Instagram account, “f***yourbikesucks” is such a wonderful guilty pleasure. Even if you like the bikes the account claims “sucks”, you can’t help but snigger at the glib captions underneath.

We all know that one person’s trash is another’s treasure and that it is a bit rude to yuck on someone else’s yum, but it’s also fun. To be frank, some of the rides highlighted by the account are ripe for derision. A chopped-up Kawasaki with about 100 degrees of rake is one highlight. There’s also a cruiser with what looks like a paper mache skull affixed to the rear fender. So if you’re ready to be offended, annoyed, angered, or just plain amused by a judgmental little person with an Instagram account and a healthy dose of snark, click on through.

Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of hacked-up Harley-Davidsons, butchered quads, and jarring Japanese standards.

Some of the posts are short, and sweet, like this one that simply says: "It's called proportion bro, you might wanna look it up in your encyclopedia".


While others are lengthy critiques complete with new motorcycle terms, like “sportswank”.


and some are sublime in their simplicity.


Whether you want to revel in the horror of the abominable bikes on display, find inspiration for your next project, or just whittle away a lunch break chuckling at the FYBS writers. This site is worth  your visit.

Now excuse me, because after RideApart chief Jason Marker’s post on his Honda-filled garage, I know of at least six really, really, terrible bikes I’d like to submit for FYBS’s consideration. (Look here, mister. I hired you and I can fire you just as easily -JM)

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