Bombardier Recreational Product has issued a recall on the latest model in its Can-Am three-wheel lineup because of a potential safety hazard. Here are the details of this recall. 

The NHTSA has published a recall issued by BRP regarding the 2019 and 2020 Can-Am Ryker. In the United States, 6,632 units could potentially be affected by the issue. 

The company was informed that on some of the new Rykers sold, customers reported instances of the wheel nuts cracking. On this particular Can-Am model, each wheel only uses one nut. Should the nut crack, it loses some of its grip which compromises the wheel’s integrity. In the most extreme scenario, the nut could fall as well as the wheel, increasing the risks of a crash. 

After extended tests, BRP has determined that the source of the problem is a bad batch of nuts received from a third-party manufacturer presenting inconsistencies due to a lack of material. This weakens the parts and can cause them to crack. 

The company will send the details of the recall to its network of dealers by October 11, 2019 and owners of the affected vehicles will receive a letter or an e-mail before the end of the month. Production of the 2020 models was halted on September 13, so any unit produced after that date will receive new nuts. 

Owners who already have their vehicles will be invited to make an appointment at their Can-Am dealer to have all three wheel nuts replaced with new, corrected ones, free of charge. The recall will officially begin on October 17. 

For any questions or concerns, owners can contact the BRP customer service at 1-888-272-9222 to have their VIN checked. The NHTSA also offers a hotline service at 1-888-327-4236 and further details are available online at

Sources: NHTSA

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