Riding a Hayabusa well at a drag strip will, no doubt, get you respect. It is, after all, a place where ‘Busas totally shine against most competition. Still, a Kawasaki H2 showing up to challenge is intriguing, because it might not make that challenge a walk in the park. If you’re a racer, you want to win—but you also want a good challenge, or how much fun are you having?

The Little H2 That Could has a few runs against the big, bad 'Busa in this video. On the first run, the H2 racer struggles to keep his wheelies in check. That’s not gonna get him the win, of course—and in that first run, it definitely doesn’t. The first heat ends in a 9.44 for the 'Busa and a 10.64 for the H2. The “Bye Bye” placard where a license plate would normally be on the 'Busa clearly isn’t just for show.

In the second run, the H2 looks to get a slightly better start—not having so many wheelie struggles, at the very least. By this time, the 'Busa had plenty of heat in that rear tire, and his time got better as well. The 'Busa beat the H2 in this run as well, with an 8.96 over the H2’s 10.73. It just goes to show that your eyes can deceive you, and even though the H2 looked like it might be doing a little better without those wheelie struggles, it obviously wasn’t in the timing.

Run Three looks pretty close as it’s happening, and is probably the most exciting race between the two so far. The 'Busa did still beat the H2 in the end, but only by a score of 9.86 to the H2’s 10.3. From what we’ve already seen so far, that’s the H2’s best time and the 'Busa’s worst. 

A lot of people might take a “best out of three” approach, but not these guys—they went for one last time after that third run. By now, you probably have some idea of how this is going to go. Sure enough, the 'Busa wins with a time of 8.92, while the H2 is still struggling back at a 10.43. He couldn’t even crack that 10-second barrier once, unfortunately for him. 

Still, you can’t improve at anything if you don’t keep trying, so hopefully the H2 rider will keep improving his skills—and/or think about getting an H2R.

Source: YouTube

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