Robots have been a beloved staple of pop culture for a long time. If you hear about them in the news, chances are it’s either “the robots are taking our jobs,” or else it’s Boston Dynamics demonstrating the robots that are clearly going to take over the world. What I’m about to tell you will seem positively quaint by comparison.

New electric motorcycle manufacturer ETran has just unveiled its first bike for sale, the Kraf. At an event held in the company’s hometown of Bangkok, Thailand, in early September 2019, the company proudly displayed its very first model. Also, according to the company’s website, the whole structure is “designed to be strong, lightweight, welded 100 percent by robots.” Assembly line robots are of course nothing new, but they’re also not usually listed as a selling point.

Gallery: 2019 ETran Kraf

The initial 2019 Kraf will be sold as a limited-edition model, with a carbon fiber body exclusive to this run. Only 300 individually numbered bikes will be made, and ETran says it will deliver them sometime in Q1 of 2020. You also get “24-hour after-sales service,” and it’s unclear whether this will be operated directly by the company or outsourced to local contractors in your area. 

Now, for the stats. ETran says the operating range on a single charge is 180km, or just under 112 miles at a speed of 75kmh, or 46.6mph. Top speed is 130kmh, or almost 81mph. It comes with a fast charging option, and can allegedly charge to full in just two hours using that optional Type 2 fast charger. You can also just plug it in at home like you would any other device, and get a full charge in four hours. 

EVNerds attended the unveiling and posted some photos from the event on their Facebook:




The Kraf comes in seven colors: Jersey Red, Jersey Blue, Jersey Icey Lime, Tactical Green, Tactical Black, Tuxedo Silver, and Tuxedo Black. The dash features a 7” touchscreen that supports 3G and 4G wireless data connections, and also offers GPS as standard. Stopping power is provided by disc brakes, front and rear—though no specifics have been given about the nature or configuration of these brakes.

These figures sound pretty great if you’re in a congested metropolitan area, but what will this limited edition cost you? The price is listed as 150,000 Thai baht, which equates to US $4,934. For the moment, it’s only available in Thailand, and there’s currently no information about plans to extend its availability elsewhere. 

Sources: ETran, EVNerds

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