Way over in the Republic of Cyprus, two young dudes are making some killer gearhead videos. Working under the name Make It Extreme, Michael Mavros and his good buddy George (no last name given) get up to all kinds of motorized shenanigans. From simple things like velocity stacks for motorcycle carbs and tool modifications to crazy stuff like their radio-controlled steamboat and armed mini-tank, there's something on their YouTube channel for every mechanical taste. The duo's latest creation is near and dear to my heart and definitely germane to the conversation here at RideApart—a homemade monowheel.

Called the "Wheelie Tank", this little terror is powered by a 100cc, two-stroke scooter engine. The track is a regular old car tire with the sidewalls cut off driven by a custom roller made out of an aluminum SCUBA bottle. A custom-made frame keeps everything in place and provides tension for the track as well as some very rudimentary suspension. It is extremely rad.

While the finished product is definitely great (seriously, I want one for, uh, review purposes. Yeah...) the real story here is the video. Clocking in at just shy of 20 minutes, the Wheelie Tank's making-of video is packed with a ton of super-hot fabrication action. Expertly edited by Michael, the video follows George through all phases of the Wheelie Tank's construction—from cutting up the tire to its initial shakedown run. Watching George cut, weld, lathe, fit, and massage every piece of the vehicle without speaking a word is extremely soothing. Like most of their videos, this one is a joy to watch and is accompanied by a simple and subtle ambient music track as well as the various shop noises (welding, cutting, sanding, etc.)

This isn't the first time we've covered a Make It Extreme contraption. About a year ago Sabrina wrote a story about the time the shop built a big old monowheel, a vehicle every bit as bonkers as the Wheelie Tank. Do yourself a favor, take some time today to sit down and watch this video. Then go ahead and binge the rest of their channel because, seriously, you're going to want to. You can also follow Make It Extreme at their Facebook and Instagram. Trust me, it's worth it.

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