The all-new CBF190TR is a retro scrambler bike made by Honda subsidiary Sundiro for the Chinese market. Just because it’s a tiny thing doesn’t mean it’s not adorable—after all, Honda is exceedingly good at putting those two things together into several very arresting packages. Even if this particular model doesn’t show up anywhere else in the world, could it herald a new design direction for Honda elsewhere?

Bennetts seems to think it might, and it’s definitely possible. After all, Honda is one of the few brands to not have scrambled into showrooms just yet. Although the modern scrambler trend has been around for more than a few minutes, we probably still haven’t hit peak scrambler just yet. Of course we don’t know anything for sure, but it’s not exactly a huge leap in logic.

Gallery: 2020 Honda CBF190TR

591 Moto was at the launch, and reported that the CBF190TR is equipped with a single-cylinder 184-cc air-cooled mill. Additionally, as you can see in this commercial, it has forged wheels, not spoked ones. The digital gauge cluster looks tidy and modern, as do the LED headlight and turn signals. A test ride reveals that this particular thumper isn’t full of lumps and bumps, and is not as vibey as you might expect, according to 591 Moto.

The official price wasn’t announced at the launch event, but estimates currently have it hovering around 17,000 yuan (or US $2,373). It’s a nice bit of retro cool that is clearly aimed at a younger audience, and it may well succeed because it looks great. 

In a way, it seems fitting that a younger subsidiary of Honda would be the company to introduce this bike. Unlike its parent company, Sundiro Honda has only been around since 2001—which puts it in the unique position of being around the same age as the customers it most likely hopes to attract. 

Sources: Bennetts, Sundiro Honda, 591 Moto

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