MV Agusta confirmed back in July that “cheaper” versions of its successful (and very limited) Serie Oro models were in the works. The 300-unit run of the special-edition Superveloce and Brutale sold like hotcakes. After treating its premium clients to the cream of the crop, the company is now ready to appeal to us peasants who didn’t have $35,000+ to throw at a bike with more affordable versions of the two models. We’re now getting our first look at what the "Brutale for the masses" will be like. 

On paper, the new Brutale 1000 dubbed RR and RC will be very similar to the premium Serie Oro, sporting the same 212-horsepower, 998cc inline-four. So performance-wise, you won’t be penalized for not spending $50k on the limited edition. Rejoice! You won’t be penalized from a performance standpoint for not spending $50k on the limited edition. That’s not where the company will be cutting cost: it will be in the parts and the materials. 

Gone will be the days of the carbon fiber galore that was the Brutale Serie Oro—the RR and RC will receive parts made from more mainstream and less glamorous-sounding materials. The good news is that despite the modified recipe, the new Brutales are expected to weigh pretty much the same as their golden counterpart, the latter tipping the scale at 406 lb dry. 

As MV Agusta nomenclature goes, the Brutale 1000 RR will be the “entry-level” one-liter, apparently borrowing certain components such as the suspension from the 800. The Brutale 1000 RC is rumored to retain some of the fancier components that made the Serie Oro so special, components that should include the electronically-controlled Öhlins suspension. 

The first few details regarding the new Brutale 1000 RR and RC have been shared by the manufacturer, teasing at an official debut at the 2020 EICMA. Now just how “affordable” the 2020 Brutale 1000 RR and RC will be? I guess it’s safe to assume they won’t cost $50,000. 

Sources: Visordown, Bennetts

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