Creating bikes with radical silhouettes and names that inspire us to go faster, MV Agusta is no stranger to making fast and extreme bikes. It isn’t a big surprise then that the concept the manufacturer unveiled at EICMA is, guess what, a sportsbike—not that there’s any shortage of that at MV Agusta’s. This time, however, the Italians are approaching the idea of the sportsbike from a slightly different angle, drawing inspiration from the brand’s racing legacy to create some magic and the bunny in the hat is the Superveloce 800 prototype.

One of the most recognizable motorcycle silhouettes in history is Giacomo “Ago” Agostini’s racing 500, with the signature dustbin fairing. The current neo-retro wave has started influencing sportsbike as well and the rounded fairing is making a comeback—an easy way for brands to give their more athletic models a vintage racer look. We had yet to see MV pick up and dust off the Ago era aesthetic and give it a modern twist, until and that’s exactly what it’s going for with the new Superveloce.

The concept was shown sporting a carbon fiber chassis, framing the engine and exposing the trellis frame. The shape of the fairing culminates at the headlight, with all the lines converging to the center a turning an otherwise standard headlight into a striking feature. At the back, a similar idea applies with the lines of the pillion converging to the round, jet-engine-like taillight. The fairing is complete with a yellow windscreen, an homage to the 70s aesthetics. The cantilever seat floats above the rear wheel where matte gold component nicely contrasts the otherwise blackout engine block.

No specs regarding the future bikes capabilities have been announced, but with the 800 nomenclature, it would be safe to assume that the Superveloce 800 will borrow the 799cc, 3-cylinder, four-stroke mill found in the F3 800.  MV Agusta is adamant that the Superveloce 800 won’t remain a prototype for long and that it should roll out of the production line during the second half of 2019.

Gallery: MV Agusta Superveloce 800 Concept

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