Earlier this year MV Agusta made the bonkers move of tossing its 1000cc engine into the Brutale. Now it's building an even faster limited-edition version, the Serie Oro, which despite its lack of fairings may even outperform some superbikes.

MV Agusta has a history of "Serie Oro," which means "Gold Series," spicy meatball models, such as the F3 Serie Oro and F4 Serie Oro of 2011. The latest gold member continues this tradition, incorporating some technology from the F4 Claudio Castiglioni Edition. This includes carbon fiber wheels, Brembo Stylema calipers with 320mm discs, Ohlins electronically adjusted forks, an Ohlins TTX36 rear shock, and a steering damper, all controlled by the bike's electronics.

The engine gets a power bump to 208 horsepower in race trim, which is more than the Claudio's 205 in street trim but less than its 212 in track configuration. It uses many of the same tricks as the Claudio to accomplish this, such as titanium valves, a redesigned airbox and combustion chamber, revised cams, and an SC Racing exhaust. All this will propel the Serie Oro to over 300 kilometers per hour (186 miles per hour). That's still pretty insane for a bike without fairings.


That's not to say the Brutale Serie Oro lacks aerodynamic assistance, though. Like Red Bull, MV Agusta gives you wings, despite the Brutale being a naked bike. It has similar winglets to the Claudio to contribute downforce to the front wheel above 125 mph. They also look wicked awesome.

All this adds up to a naked bike that will outperform many superbikes, never mind its direct competition such as the Yamaha MT10 and Ducati Monster 1200 R. Unfortunately the Serie Oro is limited to just 300 bikes, so only a select few will get to enjoy it.

Gallery: MV Agusta Brutale Serie Oro

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