The sound of a motorcycle engine is a delightful symphony, especially when the engine has a nice, grunty growl to it. As you ride, however, much of that music is lost to your ears—only bystanders truly get to appreciate how good your bike sounds. Not anymore! The guys at 4theriders have got you covered. Imagine listening to the sound of an inline three, a V4 or a Milwaukee-Eight directly in your ears!

4theriders has a motorcycle entered in the AFM 600 Superbike series with rider Kevin Fanady in the saddle. They were spotted testing the “Now You Canister” on the track.  The contraption is an extension attached to the exhaust pipe that runs the length of the bike and ends on a horn, positioned near the rider’s head. This allows the sound to travel directly to the rider for him to enjoy. The video shared on 4therider’s YouTube channel shows how efficient the system is at redirecting the sound. 

This system has the potential of solving loud exhaust issues as well. Owners might reconsider the use of modified pipes to enhance the note since they will get to hear it a lot better. They probably won’t need all the screaming directly into their face. Riders might enjoy the experience better without earplugs. 

Of course, there’s the small matter of breathing in emissions, but I’m guessing if you’re that dedicated to hearing your bike, you won’t mind getting a little high off of it either. The system is in its early prototype stages, so the addition of a filter could possibly help resolve that issue. The team hasn’t confirmed when a production-ready version of the product will be available, I suspect more testing is required.

In case you’re not fluent in sarcasm, this obviously is a joke, if Fanady’s bleeding ears at the end of the video are any indication.

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