There's a video making the rounds on the Justice Served subReddit of a super fast, super sketchy police chase, the angle being from what is said to be the Chinese policewoman's point of view. A little bit of digging reveals that this is simply a sped-up version of a video from 2017. The original video, however, is still wild and crazy enough to stand on its own.

This chase took place not in China, but Brazil. The higher speed of the video makes the motorcycle speeds seem out of this world, not to mention the bikes sound like two-strokes, not to mention that the male officer sounds like a woman shouting rapid-fire Chinese. One Reddit commenter identified the bike as a Honda XRE300, a Brazilian-made dual sport not available in the U.S. That explains how it was about to hop curbs, sidewalks, and even go up a flight of stairs.

The other factor is that rather impressive skill of the riders. Yes, I include both the police officer and the perp in that statement. While running away from the police is bad and wrong and all that, you have to admit that the cop had to work extra hard to keep up with and eventually catch this guy. You can clearly see his speed on the dashboard, and while you should keep in mind that it's in kilometers, not miles, it's still quite high for the narrow streets and alleyways of what appears to be Sao Paulo.


One friend I showed this video to said it reminded her of the big car chase in the movie Ronin, with both cars hopping curbs and slicing their way through one-way traffic in the wrong direction. I can see the resemblance. That makes this real-life chase even more amazing. It wasn't staged for the camera but actually happened like this, risking real life and limb in the process.

Sometimes it simply isn't necessary to amp things up to add drama and suspense. Real life was dramatic enough all by itself.

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