We've all done things we regret. However trying to outrun the Los Angeles Police Department is probably high on the list of foolish decisions this Rider won't try in the future. In this crazy video, a biker tries to outrun the LAPD, whilst cockily pulling stunts and standing on his bike, at speeds that are said to be above 100mph.

Wearing little more than a helmet, cargo shorts and a t-shirt, this biker risked everything in a 100-mile pursuit that defies belief. In the video, he stands on the seat of his bike, stops in front of police to put headphones on. In a blurred piece of footage, he possibly also swears at the officers pursuing him with a hand gesture.

When asked if he had anything to say about his antics, the suspect, Phillip Resendez, said that "I just want to say that I love my family and my two baby girls, and I am sorry I disappointed them." Although he could have met a swift end with his antics, the individual in question did at least wear a helmet. Although the t-shirt and shorts he wore would not have been much use in a crash, and are certainly not ATGATT.

He is lucky that he didn't try this in another country, however. The rider complains in the video about the tactics the police used to get him off the road, reportedly saying to a journalist: "Did he seriously have to try and kick me off my bike?"

Had he been in the United Kingdom, officers may have resorted to far more dangerous tactics. We've covered the British approach before, but UK Law enforcement are now allowed to ram motorbikes and mopeds during police pursuits. 




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