The Grind Hard Plumbing Co. is a popular YouTube channel with north of 300K subs, and rightfully so. Lead by Edwin Olding and Ethan Schlussler, the group of friends—who aren’t actual plumbers if you hadn’t guessed—churns out gear-head focused content with a bit of an outside-the-box, DIY spin to it. While the crew does partake in full-size car/truck-related builds, they also enjoy tackling a good motorcycle-related project. Previous uploads have seen the gang build a CRF230-powered Power Wheels Mustang toy car, as well as an off-road scooter with an MX chassis and a snowmobile engine. But it’s GHP Co.’s latest video that’s our favorite one yet.

This time around, the pals get their hands on yet another Fisher Price-built donor in the form of a Power Wheels Barbie Dream Jeep. They then proceed to take the liquid-cooled, four-stroke single from Honda’s first generation 2003 CRF 450R, and proceed to drop it into the kids' car. In addition to the powertrain swap, the guys also crafted up a custom frame, suspension system, exhaust, as well as various bash-guards and crash protection to fit the micro 4X4. 

The results is pretty what you expect a toy vehicle with a previous top-speed of 5mph now powered by a 55-hp motor engineered to propel a 225lb+ dirt-bike. Much like a Monster Truck, the CRF Barbie Jeep has trouble keeping the front wheels down under the torque. All that power does look like a total blast though, as we watch the plastic four-wheeler rip and dig its way through the Canadian countryside at up to freeway speeds.

After getting some stellar footage, the day comes to a premature end however when the rear axle snaps off. While this video is only five-and-a-half minutes, the gang has also dedicated a number of videos to the actual build. I recommend checking them out along with the rest of their content, as it’s all pretty ace. Can’t wait to see what these guys cook up next.

Source: Youtube


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