In our “can you make a tire out of that?” series, after the failed attempt at the duct tape tire, we now have a new entry. These guys decided to test whether springs could fill be used instead of the tire. The answer to that is: yish.

The Internet will never cease to amaze me. You can find pretty much anything your heart desires, including the silliest builds possible. This is exactly the area of expertise of the NTN Vlogs team. These YouTubers have mastered the art of the “WTF” by building some of the craziest creations out there. Ever wanted to watch a guy float around in a life-size paper boat? Check. Ever wondered what swimming in popcorn looked like? Check. Every one of their video is more random than the previous.

One of their most recent creation answers the age old question: can I use springs in lieu of a motorcycle tire? The guys used a tube-less wire spoke wheel that they cleaned up and then welded metal springs on its entire circumference, using metal tubing to help support the springs.

The wheel is then mounted at the front of a scooter and safely attached to the fork. The only thing left to do, of course, is give the weird contraption a try and go for a ride on the spring-mounted wheel. It actually goes a lot better than I expected and nobody miserably fails while maneuvering the scooter. The guys ride around the streets to the metallic-y sound of the springs on the asphalt. What a weird sight to behold.

Bottom line, if all you have is a rim and a collection of springs, you can actually make it work. I would only suggest you avoid getting too cocky in the corners, I don’t expect the springs to provide much traction.

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