Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side, a dark side, and it binds the galaxy together. With enough duct tape, you can fix just about anything. It's an essential part of any motorcycle toolkit. One of the world's best stunt riders, Brian Deegan, and his family have found yet another use for the world's most useful material: motorcycle tires.

Haiden Deegan has completely roasted his back tire. Not finding any replacements in the garage, he raids the entire family parts bin (which is nothing but rolls of duct tape) and, with Brandon's help, makes a new tire by spinning several rolls of duct tape onto the bare rim. What could possibly go wrong?

The end result looks surprisingly good. It's even round like a motorcycle tire should be. First, Haiden does a slow, careful test of traction and handling... Oh, who are we kidding? He just wheelies out of the garage.

Despite its shiny, slippery surface, the duct tape tire provides a surprising amount of traction in the dirt, enabling not only wheelies but also jumps. Haiden goes full send off the ramps, then attacks the pit bike track, dominating it just as well as with a real tire, he says.

Naturally, a burnout is also required. While the tire spins easily, it takes a long time for it to emit any smoke, far longer than a rubber tire. On the plus side, after the tape heats up it picks up grass and dirt off the ground for better traction. After seeing duct tape perform so well, maybe I should tape up my own screwed-up tire so I can get out for a ride and enjoy the nice weather today.

Actually, no. Don't ever do this. The video is completely tongue-in-cheek, and anyone with a brain should know that a tire made out of duct tape is an extremely bad idea. That said, I'm impressed and surprised that this works as well as it does—or entertainment purposes only, of course.

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