What happens when you combine performance bikes, a muddy field in the Southern states, and spare tractor parts? Off-road drag racing, of course!

Back in 2015 we covered the Dixie Dirt Draggers, but since then, the group have released a number of crazy videos, and have amassed a huge online following, with well over 100 million views on YouTube, and a Facebook page which boasts around 140,000 followers.

The videos show bikes with Harley, Suzuki and Kawasaki engines, which are heavily modified. A cursory viewing shows that a number of the vehicles have been stretched significantly, and have open pipes, but perhaps the most prominent feature of these highly tuned monster has to be the off road tractor tyres. Although we don't know what sort of modifications the group have made to fit the tyres, as evidenced by the videos, they certainly do a good job of gripping the dirt track drag strips favored by the group. Of course it is difficult to ascertain from the videos whether any parts of the bikes they are riding remain stock.

The Dixie Dirt Draggers are based in Virginia and North Carolina, and according to their Facebook page, have been around since the 1970's. The group also showcase a number of other vehicles, including ATV's, trucks and cars, which have again been modified to run off road in a similar southern fashion. 

It will be very interesting to see what the group showcase next. Although they do not have any events currently listed on their Facebook page, it would appear that they made an appearance over the weekend at the northeast Louisiana sand drags, a dirt based drag race held in the state.




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