Bottpower is a self-described “motorsport engineering company” based in Valencia, Spain. They build custom-designed motorcycles and parts, both one-offs, small scale and prototypes for other companies. It is more an engineering firm than a custom bike builder, and they offer kits for the DIY-er.

That said, the completed custom bikes that come out of this company are nothing to sneeze at. The latest creation out of the Spanish firm is a Buell-based flat tracker. The XR-1 “White Carbon” uses the engine and swingarm out of a Ulysses along with a few other pieces, but sports an entirely new steel tube spine frame in which the engine is a stressed member. Instead of carrying its fuel in its frame (a signature Buell design), the custom bike has 3 smaller tanks which total the bike’s fuel capacity at 11 litres (close to 3 gallons).

Bott XR1 White Carbon 2

The original Ulysses suspension was scrapped in favor of a front end off a Buell 1125 and a rear Öhlins TTX. Another signature Buell design, the rim-mount brake discs, remain. The bodywork on this particular build is a gorgeous collection of clear-coat matte-finish carbon fiber.

Bottpower offers this “kit” for sale, so you could definitely do this to your own donor Buell motorcycle. The kit is “highly configurable and customizable” so they do not show a price for it on the website. In fact, a downloadable .pdf is posted there with every part available for this build, and others… with no prices. If you’re inspired to upgrade your own Buell you’ll have to call them up!

Bott XR1 White Carbon 3

David Sánchez, the manager of Bottpower, has designed bikes that have competed in Moto2 and the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. He has more than a dozen years’ experience as the data and race engineer on superbikes in the Spanish Championship CEV, in Supersport and Moto2 categories, the SBK Qatar, Asian, and World Endurance Championships. He also translated Tony Foale’s Motorcycle Handling and Chassis Design into Spanish.

Source: MotorcycleNews, Bottpower

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